Still not sure about ecological consulting or maybe have more questions about permaculture? See if the commonly asked questions below can help!

Are you a landscaper or yard maintenance company?

A bit of both. Standard yard care and clean-up is not a primary service, however low-impact maintenance packages are available. Permaculture can help reduce many "yard-work" tasks, but a garden is never truly maintenance free!

Can you get rid of weeds in my yard?

Yes, call for a site-assessment and we‘ll work hard to find the source of the problem. You can use the 'weeds' to tell you what is going on in your soil.

When will my garden be fully grown?

Depending on the plants selected and your budget you should experience growth, blossoms and bounty in 1-2 seasons. Many perennials, shrubs and trees take longer.

Remember this gardener’s saying after you plant “the 1st year it sleeps, the 2nd year it creeps, and the 3rd year it leaps.”

I am renting and can’t dig in the ground. Can you still help me with a garden?

Yes! There are excellent flowers, vegetables, shrubs and more you can grow if you have space limitations.


How far do you travel for a consult?

We can always start with a phone consult and then some planning can be done remotely with many tools now available. Primarily the focus is on Western Washington and the Puget Sound region, but contact us and your unique situation will be carefully considered.