COVID-19 Update: Services are still being offered at this time as most work is done outside of your home and remotely. While on-site I follow WA State Health Department Guidelines and protocols of WA Association of Landscape Professionals.

Serving the Greater Seattle Area - Land of the Duwamish

Eco - Restore Ecological Consulting & Design LLC provides services in Western Washington - Seattle and around the Puget Sound. 

Eco-Restore emphasizes best practices to Create healthy habitats to nurture and invite native pollinators, birds and wildlife to visit your yard. Enhance soil health and improve water quality by eliminating chemicals and minimizing runoff. Restore disturbed and degraded sites such as urban lots with compacted lawns or stabilizing stream-banks with the use of native plants and low impact restoration techniques.

Example designs include:

  • Pollinator & Wildlife Gardens
  • Rain Gardens
  • Medicinal Herb & Kitchen Gardens

Helping to transform your outdoor space into a sustainable, low-maintenance oasis by the use of permaculture ethics and principles. Whether you rent or own, have a large yard and garden, or a small apartment balcony - you can grow food, save water, create wildlife habitat & much more.


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Nourish your spirit by knowing your individual actions make a big difference on our one Earth.

Work with a professional consultant for a single coaching session, one gardening season or one year to design and transform your outdoor space into a low-impact and sustainable sanctuary to enjoy all year-round!