COVID-19 Update: Services are still being offered at this time as all of my work is done outside of your home and remotely. At this time I am focusing on increasing the use of garden and yard space to grow vegetables and medicines. Note some may not be ready for our current state of affairs, but you will be well on your way to improved health and resiliency as we emerge this crisis.

Consultation & Design Services to enhance your 'back'yard

Eco - Restore Ecological Consulting & Design LLC provides services in Western Washington’s King, Snohomish, Skagit, Island and Whatcom counties. Helping to transform your green space into a sustainable, low-maintenance oasis by the use of permaculture ethics and principles. Whether you rent or own, have a large yard and garden, or a small apartment balcony you can grow food, save water, create wildlife habitat & much more.

Nourish your spirit by knowing your individual actions make a big difference on our one Earth.

Using plant species and time-tested best practices adapted to the Pacific Northwest climate & weather you can learn how to nurture native pollinators, encourage birds to visit your yard, increase soil health without chemicals & others right out your door. In a short time these techniques will reduce your water, grocery & utility bills.

Work with your certified Permaculture Design Consultant for one week to one year depending on your needs; and transform your outdoor space into a low-impact and sustainable sanctuary to enjoy all year-round!



Survey and evaluate your space & your goals during initial consultation

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Learn the sectors affecting your yard and garden. Use this information to select the right plant for the right place

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Receive personalized resources to maintain your natural green space for years to come

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