Consultation Services to enhance your own backyard

Washington State is home to a great diversity of plants and animals that are well-suited for the climate and weather. Would you like to design your home and yard to follow some of these natural principals? Ecological Consulting  can help survey your site to protect and beautify your space, naturally.

Some ways you can create a sustainable yard include, but are not limited to:

Learning how local plant species can reduce maintenance time and expenses.

Explore how thoughtful placement of plants or water features can provide services to your home; shade, insect repellent or food sources.

Learn how to remove undesired plants, minimize their return and reduce their spread around your community.

Responsibly increase wildlife habitat - think big and small, from bears to butterflies!




30-minute Phone Consultation with a Restoration Specialist

On-site assessment

Personalized Recommendations

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Learn how to transform and maintain your yard more naturally

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Incorporate sustainable tips and techniques you learn from your consultant based in the ethics and principles of permaculture

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