COVID-19 Update: Services are still being offered at this time as all of my work is done outside of your home and remotely. At this time I am focusing on increasing the use of garden and yard space to grow vegetables and medicinal plants. Note: some plants may not be ready for immediate harvest, but you will be well on your way to improved health and resiliency as we emerge this crisis.

Since 1993

Consultation & Design Services to enhance your 'back'yard

Eco - Restore Ecological Consulting & Design LLC provides services in Western Washington’s King, Snohomish and Skagit counties. Helping to transform your green space into a sustainable, low-maintenance oasis by the use of permaculture ethics and principles. Whether you rent or own, have a large yard and garden, or a small apartment balcony you can grow food, save water, create wildlife habitat & much more.

Nourish your spirit by knowing your individual actions make a big difference on our one Earth.

Using plant species and time-tested best practices adapted to the Pacific Northwest climate & weather you can learn how to nurture native pollinators, encourage birds to visit your yard, increase soil health without chemicals & others right out your door. In a short time these techniques will reduce your water, grocery & utility bills.

Work with your certified Permaculture Design Consultant for one week to one year depending on your needs; and transform your outdoor space into a low-impact and sustainable sanctuary to enjoy all year-round!


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