Garden Tending in the Winter – It’s not what you think šŸ‚

Hello friends,

With the Solstice just a few days away and winter settlingĀ in, I hope you take time to turnĀ inwards overĀ the next few months to reflect the past and envision your future,Ā garden and self.

Read anĀ inspiring garden book! I am currently (and finally) readingĀ Braiding Sweetgrass. I findĀ Gardening at the Dragonā€™s GateĀ a reliable companion, however this is one you could read and digest over an entire year.

Order seeds forĀ spring plantingĀ and begin to list what you might purchase as plants. I likeĀ Territorial Seed Company,Ā RainTree Nursery

Put pencil to paper -Ā begin with a simple drawing of your 2021 garden vision. Start with graph paper and note existing structures such as your house, garage, driveway. Then in one color mark the sunniest spaces, in a second color mark easily accessible areas. Where these two overlap, or are very close will be a great place to consider for your garden.

Spend time withĀ just oneĀ plant to form a new ally in the world - this plantĀ does not have to be growing in your garden, locate one you can walk by or sit with occasionally and watch it over a season.Ā  or even at this time of year. LearnĀ everything that you canĀ about this plant, its botanical and common names, growing characteristics and preferences like how much sun, soil moisture, soil pH, season of bloom or fruiting, herbal remedies, culture and folklore and more!!

This summer and fall I spent some time with the gracefulĀ Achillea millefolium, Yarrow (picture above). A flower that appears so soft and delicate yet is powerfully resilient and amazingly strong. Yarrow has wonderful properties for protection and defenseĀ from immunity to stopping bleeding. Now I have a new awareness and appreciation every time I see one; and a wonderment if maybe it actually found me - during a time when those characteristics were so important. A resource I often start with isĀ Plants for A Future.

I would love to hear from youĀ - share your garden plans, inspirations and new relationships with these growing beings all around us.

Have a wonderful Holiday season-Stay healthy, happy and your hands in the dirt!!
~ Lisa

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