Assessment. Education. Sustainability

Select the level of restoration that is right for you and your home.

There are three Tiers to choose from and your restoration specialist will help find the best fit.

small to large. One time or on-going

Whether you just want to learn more about the plants and systems you have on-site or you want to work towards a new vision and design.


Tier 1 Consultation

30-minute Phone Consultation with your Restoration Specialist

On-site assessment of your yard and goals

Personalized Recommendations

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Tier 2 Consultation

On-site base map of Species Inventory

Recommendations of plants to retain/remove/replace on your site

Demonstrations to transform and maintain your yard

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Tier 3 Consultation

On-site assessment of usable natural features; shade, water retention, soil building

3-6-9 & 12 month follow-up visits and recommendations.

Personalized Homestead resources to maintain your Ecologically Restored Sanctuary

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Really small?

Just have a few pesky garden weeds that keep coming back? We can find the source of the problem.