Culture Tending & Garden Building

Culture Tending & Garden Building

While there is still a little downtime before we get really busy outside in the gardens it is time to pull out your garden journals and review your notes from last month. Think of the question 'what do you want to try this upcoming season' - do you have everything you need? Is there anything left on your to-do list, your shopping list, tools to replace or clean up? Now is the time to get ready. If you need a reminder click here for the newsletter and checklist.

It has been wonderful hearing from a few of you that dug into a great gardening book, or selected one plant to ‘get-to-know’ from December's prompts.
To help inspire you all to tend our culture as we tend our gardens I shifted from reading Braiding Sweetgrass to watching a couple of short movies that can not be recommended highly enough. On a cold-wet winter day curl up with a blanket and cocoa and watch Gather and Kiss the Ground. The former brings to light the dark conversation of food sovereignty, not food security, and how we can heal by growing and reconnecting with food. As well as how indigenous peoples have and continue to rely on traditional ecological knowledge. The second movie inspires us to fight climate change in a way we have not considered before - from the ground up - repairing our soils and rethinking agriculture as we know it today. Imagine if there is only enough life left in the soil for 60 more harvests - worldwide.

Happy New Year and Happy Garden Tending.

Stay healthy, happy and your hands in the dirt!!
~ Lisa

January Pro- Tip

If you are here in the Pacific Northwest you are probably looking out at the wet ground. Now is a really great time to grab the muck boots and walk around the perimeter of your house and property, look for areas that are pooling or collecting water.

      ~ Any signs of water damage? Take note and make plans for inspection or repairs.

      ~ Consider if a rain garden or cistern would be an appropriate solution to capture and store any excess water.

Order seeds and native plants! If you have not done this yet it is not too late - but inventory is getting low for some vendors!

~ Clean up old collections of seeds if you have any. Most are stamped with a date and may even tell you how long they remain viable.
~ Space permitting - try using outdated seeds, plant an experimental garden to see what pops up!

pollinator collage

New Year - New Offers

Starting this January Eco-Restore is excited to offer two new products! If you are looking for a garden refresh or help in a specific area instead of a full design a specialty garden may be just what you need!
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Pollinator Garden Design Kit
 - Bring more flowers, veggies and herbs into a new or an existing garden with species that attract a wide variety of pollinators. Creating a healthy habitat for birds and insects throughout the year is such a rewarding experience for any gardener.

This amazing offer includes a personalized plant list, 30-50 small plants and a basic design so you can plant them for the greatest success*  - and your choice of a butterfly or bee house to support your newest garden neighbors!

*Additional service available if you would like Eco-Restore install plants in the appropriate place.

Garden Coaching - In person or virtual coaching sessions for help with your herb or kitchen garden.
Whether you are planning to get started this year and need assistance with design or plant suggestions, or you have an existing garden and need some troubleshooting. Coaching offers you the chance to ask specific questions and learn as you go!

30-60-90 Minute sessions available

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